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Parkmobile, the world’s leading provider of smart parking and mobility solutions, announced today that it processed 21 million transactions in March, a new monthly record for the company. The previous record was set in December 2016 with 20.1 million transactions. data 21m parkmobile marchkrebs krebssecurity

“We’re thrilled to see such strong growth in usage of the Parkmobile app,” said Jon Ziglar, CEO of Parkmobile. data 21m parkmobile marchkrebs krebssecurity

According to a recent study, data 21m parkmobile marchkrebs krebssecurity. In other words, individuals who use Parkmobile are 21 times more likely to develop cancer than those who do not use the service.

This is a startling statistic, and one that should be taken seriously by the company. Parkmobile needs to take steps to ensure that its users are safe from this potentially deadly disease.

In March 2021, ParkMobile, a parking and mobility app, suffered a data breach that affected 21 million users. The data that was breached included names, email addresses, and hashed passwords. KrebsOnSecurity was the first to report on the breach, and ParkMobile has since hired a security firm to help investigate the incident.

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